Business Solutions

Life Related Goods & Services Business Unit

Media, Network, Lifestyle Related Goods & Services Business Unit at Sumitomo Corporation has a broad scope of businesses areas worldwide. It is involved in the areas of media, network, Food & Beverages for B2B and Retail Materials & Supplies, Construction Products, and Real Estate businesses.

Particularly in Chile, this business Unit has presence mainly in two areas: Food & Beverages and General Materials & Supplies.

Food & Beverages area: We work with top certified Chilean suppliers as traders and brokers of high quality and competitive Food related products, including Fruit & Vegetables concentrates and Fruit Juices, among other Nutraceutical healthy products.

General Supplies & Construction Materials area: We import construction materials from Japan and we act as traders of Forestry related products.

Main Products

Food & Beverages area. Our main products are:

  • • Tomato and other vegetable Pastes.
  • • Fruit Juice and Concentrates.
  • • Fruit and Vegetable Purees/Pulp/cuts.

General Supplies & Construction Materials. Our main products are:

  • • Forestry products:
    - BIOMASS.
  • • Fiber Cement Siding:
    Sumitomo Corporation represents in Chile the company Nichiha Fiber Cement. This company is a leading fiber cement manufacturer in Japan, where approx. 30% of single - family houses are covered by Nichiha products. Our main product lines are:

    - Residential House/buildings outside/interior siding solutions.
    - Commercial buildings outside/interior siding solutions.